my friend the frog

by Union

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released September 13, 2014



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Union Grimsby, UK

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Track Name: paradise city
oooh i wanna follow you around
everywhere you go
oooh can you take me into town
and come to my shows

oooh i wanna follow you around
tell you what you wanna know
oooh i'll follow you around
everywhere you go

oooh so i'm staring at the ground
and a frog leaps on my toe
oooh 'hello where'd you like go?'
'take me anywhere you know'

oooh 'i've not seen this place before
can we wait for it to snow?'
oooh 'i'd love to ride all around
and come to all your shows'
Track Name: when frogs cry
so you've moved in
to the spare room of my house
i helped you move your things
from the pond

we're living the dream
just a couple of mates
i'm a human
but you're a frog
it doesn't change anything
you're a frog
but you're my best friend

i would die for you
this is what it sounds like when frogs cry

maybe i'm just like my mother
she's never satisfied
why do we scream at each other?
this is what it sounds like when frogs cry
Track Name: everybody hurts
my friends got a job interview
i hope it goes well
if it does he'll have to move to surrey
and i'll be so alone without my friend

'i hope you do well' i said to him
as he walked out the door in his suit and tie
'you look so great, you look the part, you're gonna wow all of them, yes you are'

the house seems empty without you here
i dont know what to do,
i wish we were playing on the front lawn
we could get that thing, i think its called swingball
where you hit the ball to each other
it's in that film that we watched together
you said it was your favourite film
it was napoleon dynamite

you're driving home, you sent me a text
and i said i'll get the kettle on
i can't wait to hear about your job
be careful, i heard the roads are so dangerous in the afternoon
when its rush hour
if you got in a car crash, i don't know what i'd do
i'd probably build a shrine about you and cry everyday
i'd miss my friend, i'd miss all of the things we did together
like swimming underwater, and scuba diving

you come in the living room and put your brief case on the sofa
you tell me about the job and how you wowed them
you've got the job now, you've got to move to surrey
i'm really upset, but everybody hurts

cause everybody hurts,
and everybody cries
yeah, everybody hurts sometimes
everybody hurts sometimes